Indian Council of Medical Research, Department of Health Research, MOHFW, New Delhi, India


To effectively contribute in enhancing the quality of life of Indian citizens and influencing public health practice and policies through research, education and training. We will strive to accomplish our mission by:

The ICMR-NIMS supports excellence in the development, application, and dissemination of statistical science through technical consultation and statistical service. Large survey & surveillance study, Application of statistical models and sampling weights in the analysis of data, Predictive Modeling Data processing and programming Modelling, Estimation and Projection of HIV and AIDS Evaluation of Health Program Biostatistics, Survey methodology, Statistical Modelling, Socio Behavioral Research in Tribal Health Systematic reviews and meta-analysis, application of statistical models in medical data, disease burden and economic burden estimation Mixed methods, Socio-behavioral Research Application of life table models, socio behavioral research Spatial modelling, multilevel modeling on MCH, Immunization, nutrition Application of advanced statistical methods (multilevel modelling), NCD risk factors, MCH Health systems research, Maternal and Child Health Biostatistics, Health Economics, Survival Analysis, Applied Econometrics & Time Series Analysis Scientists serve in various government programs and technical services to improve and advance the research in the field of medical science.

The major goals of the Institute were set to provide latest methodologies in the field of Biostatistics for projects’ planning with the component of research and training facilities. Since then the Institute has been involved in conducting need based training programmes in medical statistics for all those involved in biomedical research seeking help in clinical trials and statistical computing. Institute has been providing consultancy to various users, researchers and scientists. The Institute also provides technical assistance to other ICMR institutes located throughout India.

The broad objectives of the Institute are as follows:

To coordinate and standardize the collection of medical health statistics in country;

To promote and undertake research in statistical techniques and methodology in field of Health, medicine and other allied areas;

To provide statistical services and assistance to centers, states and local bodies in Handling problems related to population dynamics, health and medicine;

To exercise surveillance to ensure the statistical adequacy and validity in council's programme.