Indian Council of Medical Research, Department of Health Research, MOHFW, New Delhi, India


Scientific Advisory Committee(SAC)

Committee constitutes the eminent experts from different fields to provide Scientific advice and guidance to the research activities of Institute.

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Committee established to formalize and specify Institute's Commitment to the promotion of high scientific and ethical standards in research involving human participants.

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An important role of the Committee is to oversee the current academic activities of the Institute and advise to keep up the research

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Building Advisory

Committee composed of members of CPWD and other Govt. of India members for reviewing and advising on building regulation, safety and standards of the building.

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Committee constituted to oversee the purchase process within the Institute and advice in accordance to the procurement norms.

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Internal Complaints

Committee constituted to maintain Harmony, Co-ordination and good conduct ensuring equal support to the employee of the Institute.

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